WELCOME TO THE Lake County Local Assistance Center (LAC)!

The safety and security of every individual in the community should be a top priority. While it is mandatory to have an emergency group on standby during dire situations, without the necessary information accessible to everyone, there is only so little we can do to help. Prevention is better than cure, and we believe that the right amount of information is as good as any in preventing the escalation of disaster during calamitous events such as fire.

Here you can find the latest information on the resources available in times of your need. All information we have included here are updated, starting from the contact details of departments to call in your times of need, up to the available shelters to go to for evacuation and recovery process after a disaster. We give you information on where to get help especially if you are in need of rehabilitation of an affected property. We do not only care about the physical assets. We also care about the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the affected party, so we aim to address that here.

Lake County (LAC) is composed of a team of individuals whose main goal is to monitor the happenings within the city through a service we call CityWatch. This team is made up of both volunteers and professionals dedicated to helping prevent community emergencies. They monitor the situation and provide information via this site of emergency situations everyone should be ready for. They provide real-time updates that would give the community the advantage to prepare for evacuation if necessary. The CityWatch make it possible for an intervention to take place before the problem escalates.

Lake County LAC makes sure that in times of catastrophic events, you have all the assistance you’ll ever need. While the main concern of some departments is to stop the spread of the problem, one support the Lake County LAC gives is the support to the people.
Are you in need of any medical assistance? Are you looking for information about your family members that were caught in the middle of the situation? Are you in search for an available evacuation center to stay temporarily while the incident is ongoing?
We are the man for the job. We make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible with the necessary goods to keep you afloat amid the chaos. We’ll keep you posted on the situation regarding your family and even extend the assistance through the rehabilitation process. Even debris removal on the affected property is our concern. We want to ensure that you can go back to the normalcy of your routine in no time. We hope to assist you in getting back that home you love, up to even the renovation of that traditional-raised garage door in Gilbert, AZ you love. We’ll help you all throughout.

Another assistance we offer is concern with the mental and emotional recovery needs. We understand trauma could come from any disastrous event so we want to get to you the help you need. Call or email us to know more.

How To Manage Debris After Any Fire Situation?

The rehabilitation process for any life and death situation is not easy. The way you deal could make or break the future ahead of you. You have to take care of a lot of things that does not only affect physical well-being of a person but could also weigh down the mental, social, and emotional aspect of an individual. And there is also the subject of disposal, cleaning up the affected property and making it as liveable as possible.

Rebuilding a home is not easy. But what makes the problem worse is dealing with hazardous waste that was left behind after a disastrous incident such as fire. There is no step by step process to follow when clearing up the remains after a fire, but we have listed some considerations below that may help in properly disposing of this harmful waste

1. Seek assistance from the County

During incidents of fire, assistance is being given by the state to those who are affected. State funds are utilized to assist to the clean-up program. This is especially helpful since you do not anymore need to exhaust resources when the help could come for free. Plus, it is safer since they have the experience in handling such hazardous debris

2.Looking for some important things, ask for help

During the cleanup process, you do not necessarily need to stay and help. All you need to do is to give the people in-charge a permit to work on your property. Usually, there will be a 48-hour notice before they start. If you have not received any, it doesn’t hurt you to ask.

If you are looking for a particular thing that is important to you, you could ask to be a part of the process. This is important because properties that are reduced to ashes are harmful so it is better to let them ensure your safety by guiding you or giving you protective gears.

The main goal is to keep yourself safe and everyone else. For more info, you can contact the all concerned party for more information on disposal and after-incident cleanup.